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United States Aircraft colours of WWII

Army-Navy Aeronautical (ANA) Color

ANA 601 Insignia White

XF-2 Flat White - 10 parts
XF-55 Deck Tan- 1 parts
ANA 602 Light Gray

XF-19 Sky Grey- 2 parts
XF-2 Flat White - 1 parts
ANA 603 Sea Gray

XF-18 Medium Blue- 3 parts
XF-2 Flat White - 1 parts
ANA 606 Semi-Gloss Sea Blue

XF-17 Sea Blue -6 parts
XF-8 Flat Blue -6 parts
XF-53 Neutral Grey - 1 part
Followed by a coat of clear semi gloss
ANA 607 Non Specular Sea Blue

XF-17 Sea Blue -5 parts
XF-8 Flat Blue -3 parts
XF-53 Flat White - 2 parts
ANA 608 Intermediate Blue

XF-18 Medium Blue- 5 parts
XF-2 Flat White - 4 parts
ANA 609 Azure Blue X-16 Purple - 1 part
XF-2 Flat White -2 parts
ANA 610 Sky

XF-21 Sky - 3 parts
X-2 White- 1 part
ANA 611 Interior Green

XF-3 - Flat Yellow - 1 part
XF-5 - Flat Green - 1 part
ANA 612 Medium Green

XF-13 J.A. Green - 1 part
XF-5 Flat Green - 1 part
XF-21 Sky - 1 part
ANA 613 Olive Drab

XF-62 Olive Drab
ANA 620 Light Gull Gray

XF-19 Sky Grey -1 parts
XF-2 Flat White - 1 part
ANA 621 Dark Gull Gray

XF-24 Dark Grey - 11 parts
XF-20 Medium Grey - 9 parts


Quartermaster (QM) 3-1 Color (Pre-War)

AAF Neutral Gray

XF-53 Neutral Gray


Interior Colors

Salmon Primer

XF-10 Flat Brown - 2 parts
XF-2 Flat White - 2 parts
XF-4 Flat Yellow - 1 part
XF-7 Flat Red - 1 part
Dark Interior Green

XF-5 Flat Green - 2 parts
XF-8 Flat Blue - 1 part

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About the Tamiya Paint Database

The Tamiya Paint Database was created as a way to demonstrate the Microsoft FrontPage Access Database Wizard back in the spring of 2000. Originally, anyone could add formulas to the database, and for a while, all was good. Sadly, much time was later required to weed out false entries, and after a while, the DB was taken down.  Now it has been restored and more mixes have been added. 

While we make every effort to ensure the accuracy of the mixes listed, we cannot test them all. That said, we recommend that you test your own small sample before making a batch large enough to paint a 1/24 scale aircraft. If you do find an error in a formula, please contact us