Almeria Clinic Modelista 2017

What is the clinic?

The objective of the Clinic is to perfect the technical level of the attendees.

Simply, it is a meeting of modellers to make models, with the particularity that there will be other Modelistas of recognized trajectory that will be in the Clinic, ready to teach, to show their way of working, to solve doubts, to explain techniques, etc.

Each participant will be able to choose the workshop in which he wants to participate, with which Monitor Modelista wishes to sit, can take the material and models he wants, work on them, see how his monitor works, other modelers, show his method of work, techniques, etc. , etc.

But it is not only the above, there will also be:

  • Model Exhibition
  • Commercial Sales Offices
  • Raffle of a model of a Military Vehicle mounted and painted by Almería Modelismo Team
  • Gift-souvenir for each of the attendees

Visit their website for details:

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